VRDC Sponsor Highlight: Intel’s ongoing efforts to support the work of VR developers

[In our ongoing effort to highlight VRDC’s Diamond sponsors and their efforts to support and nurture the flourishing VR/AR industry, today we’d like to quickly share a brief interview conducted with Intel’s Frank Soqui, general manager of the Virtual Reality & Gaming Group at Intel, and Lee Machen, who directs the global dev relations team that connects Intel with software companies in games and other media.

Below, Soqui and Machen speak to the exciting potential of VR, how Intel is investing in the future of VR tech/development, and what devs should know about Intel’s VR initiatives.] 

Can you introduce yourselves, and explain Intel’s goals and interests in the virtual reality business?

At Intel we are excited about VR and think it is one of the most exciting things to happen to computing in a decade. VR and AR have the potential to reshape entire industries with completely new and immersive experiences. Our latest Intel Core i7 processors for example provide the compute power for physics, artificial intelligence, audio effects and other key VR features. We are working with our software, hardware and ecosystem partners to deliver great VR to the market.

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Get cutting-edge info from Microsoft, Google and Qualcomm at VRDC!

The first-ever standalone Virtual Reality Developers Conference is happening next week, so today organizers want to quickly let you know about more of the great sponsored sessions from leading innovators that you should check out at the show.

We’re talking about cutting-edge companies like Google, Qualcomm and Microsoft sponsoring excellent in-depth talks about everything from where VR is now to where it’s going — and how developers can make the most of it.

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Get ready — VRDC is happening next week!

Get ready: The inaugural standalone Virtual Reality Developers Conference is one week away!

If you haven’t already, there’s still time to register online for a VRDC pass that grants you access to a wide variety of talks, roundtable discussions, demos and workshops during the show, which is happening November 2nd and 3rd (next Wednesday and Thursday) at the Park Central Hotel in San Francisco.

VRDC attendees are heartily encouraged to plan ahead and bookmark their favorite talks in the online VRDC Session Scheduler. All passholders also have access to the VRDC show floor, which will showcase cutting-edge virtual- and augmented-reality technology from some of the industry’s biggest and most influential companies.

Microsoft, HTC, Google, CCP and ARM are but a few of the notable exhibitors at the show this year — you can visit the official GDC Next website for a dynamic list of the show’s exhibitor lineup. The Expo Floor also provides attendees with numerous opportunities to learn about upcoming products, interact with developers, and establish business relationships with some of the industry’s top professionals.

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Learn to build mixed realities for HoloLens, Tango and beyond at VRDC!

Devices like Microsoft’s HoloLens and Google’s Project Tango provide powerful spatial awareness capabilities that go beyond augmented reality to enable “mixed reality” applications. Leveraging these capabilities requires not just an understanding of these technologies, but new ways of thinking about user interface design and gameplay.

At the first-ever standalone Virtual Reality Developers Conference this November, Rabbx chief Aaron Pulkka and Ant Hives Games CTO Cyrus Lum aim to provide you with just that in their presentation on “Creating Mixed Realities with HoloLens, Tango, and Beyond.”

Pulkka and Lum will share their experiences developing apps for spatially aware devices, including the immersive experience “Behemoth” which won “best spatial mapping” at the SFVR HoloLens hackathon and Ghostly Mansion, a game about solving your own murder which won “best entertainment/game app” in Google’s Project Tango development contest.

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VRDC Sponsor Highlight: How Google is working to build high-quality mobile VR and an open ecosystem with Daydream

[In an effort to shed light on VRDC’s Diamond sponsors and their efforts to support and nurture the flourishing VR/AR industry, today we’d like to quickly share a brief interview conducted with Google’s own Nathan Martz.

Below, Martz opens up about his perspective on VR, where Google sees itself in the market and how it’s working to  developers who have a passion for VR/AR design.] 

My name is Nathan Martz, and I’m the lead Product Manager for the Daydream developer platform. I work closely with our internal engineering teams, technology partners like Epic and Unity, and developers outside Google to ensure that Daydream is a great platform for creators. We want to make sure that our team’s mission of “VR for everyone” applies just as much to developers as it does to consumers.

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Come out to VRDC and get tips on telling great stories in VR

Whether you’re crafting a branded 360 video experience or real-time room-scale immersive fiction, good VR storytelling is hard.

That’s why, at the inaugural standalone Virtual Reality Developers Conference this November, Soap Collective creative director Logan Dwight will be presenting an engaging presentation about VR tale-telling titled “From Branded Content to Immersive Fiction: Directing Techniques for Better Storytelling in VR.”

VR is more than games, film, or theater: it’s a convergence medium that requires understanding all of these forms. As storytellers and brand creatives, The Soap Collective have spent years exploring multi-media narrative. Using a technique they call the “Cone of Focus”, the Soap team has developed guidelines that maximize immersion, support user comfort, and can help us all tell better stories in VR.

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Learn about the future of VR/AR from HTC, Intel and ARM at VRDC!

The first standalone Virtual Reality Developers Conference is happening next month, and today organizers want to quickly let you know about some of the great sponsored sessions from leading innovators that show attendees should check out.

For example, cutting-edge companies like HTC, Microsoft and Intel are sponsoring excellent in-depth talks about everything from where VR is now to where it’s going — and how developers can make the most of it.

Consider the “VR Developer Roundtable: Looking Where We Want to Go” session, presented by HTC Vive, Rikard Steiber (SVP of virtual reality at HTC Vive and president of Viveport, HTC) will guide a panel of leading developers as they share their vision for what the next big thing will be for VR.

Attendees will hear firsthand from creators of popular apps and up-and-coming developers about designing immersive content, personal and social experiences, and the right monetization strategies that are helping grow their audiences and build their VR business.

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Get VR game dev tips from Ubisoft, Double Fine, CCP and more at VRDC!

Next month the Virtual Reality Developers Conference kicks off in San Francisco, and organizers would like to briefly showcase some of the great talks about VR/AR games and entertainment taking place at the show!

This first-ever standalone VRDC is expanding beyond games to also encompass the use of VR/AR in entertainment, journalism, retail marketing and more — but games are still a critical focus of VRDC, as exemplified by its cutting-edge Games and Entertainment track of talks.

For example, in “Reinventing ‘Psychonauts‘ for VR” project lead Chad Dawson will talk about how the team designed and built a fresh experience from the ground up, one that captures the strengths of the original Psychonauts while embracing the immersion and gameplay that can only be delivered in VR.

His talk promises to be fun and insightful, as it covers the design evolution of the upcoming VR game Psychonauts in the Rhombus of Ruin — including the specific challenges of camera perspectives, control iteration, navigation, and interactive dialog unique to title with a strong focus on stylized characters, story, and humor.

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Learn how to design better mixed-reality experiences at VRDC!

The first-ever standalone Virtual Reality Developers Conference draws nigh, and today organizers are pleased to highlight another one of the great cutting-edge talks taking place at the November conference!

Omer Shapira is a lead technical artist with Nvidia, and at VRDC he’ll be sharing some lessons learned about solving complicated mixed-reality development problems in his “Thinking with Your Body: Fast Iteration for Mixed Reality Design” talk.

It promises to be a fascinating presentation, as Shapira will discuss proprioception, human motion planning, LOD in UX design, cues for spatial reckoning, measuring tool effectiveness, and personal space. He’ll also share key practical learnings from NVIDIA, Fake Love, Framestore and other experienced studios to examine ways of tending to the granularity of our bodies, exploiting our perceptual blindspots, and describe ways of implementing those into the experience.

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Catch Google sharing VR prototyping lessons learned at VRDC!

Google has been one of the leading explorers of virtual reality, especially on mobile devices, and at the inaugural standalone Virtual Reality Developers Conference this November it will share lessons learned from its time in the field.

Over the last year, small teams at Google have built more than 75 VR experiments. In his rapid-fire VRDC talk on “Lessons Learned from VR Prototyping,” Rob Jagnow — a developer with Google’s Daydream Labs — will give a quick review of some of Google’s top lessons and cover the freshest ideas to emerge from their rapid prototyping team.

It promises to be a useful talk, as attendees can expect to learn about some of the most promising VR use cases that Google is looking at and check out how they continue to explore new ideas, week after week.

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