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Virtual Reality Developers Conference Asia 2018 Call for Submissions is now open!
VRDC Asia 2018 solicits proposals from speakers with innovative ideas and deep industry expertise in a particular niche or emerging area of the virtual and augmented reality industries. To submit a session proposal, download and complete the VRDC Asia 2018 Call for Submissions Form. The deadline for solicitation is December 30, 2017.

Submission Guidelines

If you want to submit, please take note of the following:

Vendor-Specific Proposals
VRDC Asia 2018 does not accept product or vendor-related submissions. If your talk is a thinly-veiled advertisement for a new product, technology or service your company is offering, please do not apply. If you would like to publicize a product, please contact our sales team for information on exhibiting and other vendor opportunities, including sponsored sessions in our partners track.

All Presentations Must be Submitted by Original Authors
Currently, we only accept submissions by the original authors of the presentations. PR firms, speaking relation firms, and all other parties who are not direct authors of submitted presentations are discouraged from submitting a proposal on behalf of their clients/speakers. We require direct contact with presenters to expedite questions during the submission review process.

Selection Criteria

The Advisory Board will review and rate submissions based on the following criteria:

  • Concept: This is the basic idea of your submission. Is it interesting? Is it relevant? Will it be beneficial for attendees to hear? There is plenty of room for innovative ideas and also the tried and true.
  • Depth: Is the basic idea well considered and thought out? To what extent will the audience gain insight? The more in-depth, the better.
  • Organization: Are your ideas conducive to present in front of an audience? Will the Advisory Board understand what you are trying to say? Organization helps.
  • Credentials: How do your credentials qualify you to speak on the topic you have proposed?
  • Takeaway: Is the attendee going to leave this session knowing something they didn't know when they walked in? Are they learning or being inspired? This is the most important aspect of every VRDC Asia 2018 session. The submissions will be rated on a one to five scale by each of the reviewers and the resulting scores are averaged. Those submissions in each category with the highest scores are considered first. In the case of topic overlap, a lesser scoring submission may be selected to keep variety in the program.

Speaker Expectations

Conference attendees are generally very intelligent. The material they're looking for is inspirational and/or provides a concrete, applicable takeaway that is not obvious. Attendees expect excellence from our speakers. After your presentation, they will evaluate it based on delivery, knowledge of the topic and the visuals presented.

Preparation is one of the most important factors in delivering a successful talk at VRDC Asia 2018. Please keep the following in mind when you propose to speak:

  • The proposed outline you submit now must match the talk you actually present at VRDC Asia 2018
  • We strongly encourage that you rehearse the delivery of your session for it to be effective; preferably in front of your peers (one tip is to take a video of yourself speaking, then review it. This is also a great way to practice pacing and timing)
  • Depending on the depth of your initial proposal, we may ask for your presentation materials up to four weeks before the conference

Please note we are here to help you. If you have ANY questions you think we need to cover on this area of our website, please email Gina Dong.

Track Descriptions and Topics

Please submit to one of the following VRDC Asia 2018 tracks. Click on a track below for a description.

Games VR/AR
Advisors are soliciting submissions exploring virtual reality and augmented reality in game development, pertaining to topics across multiple disciplines including Design, Production, Programming, and Visual Art. Submissions should be representative of interesting and current work happening in VR and AR game development and have valuable, actionable and/or inspiring takeaways for the VRDC audience.

Entertainment VR/AR/MR
Virtual and augmented reality is about so much more than just games. For the Entertainment VR/VR Track, advisors are soliciting submissions spanning VR and AR application, design, implementation and development across multiple industries including Entertainment, Travel, Retail, Fitness, Product Design, Journalism, Sports Entertainment. If you're developing an immersive VR or AR experience or application that goes beyond games, we want to hear about it!

Education & Training
Education & Training will be the next breaking point in VR/AR industry. In the Education & Training track, advisors are soliciting submissions about creative solutions across various fields including medical, military, technical, school, art and sports. All the submissions should be the premium content, first hand information in VR/AR Education & Training areas.

VR/AR Innovation
In the Innovation Track, learn from experts breaking ground on the frontier of VR/AR development. Hear in-depth lectures and panels illustrating how innovative VR/AR development has the power to influence nearly all aspects of life as we know it.

Already Submitted?

VRDC Asia was originally scheduled in November 2017, but moved to May 2018 based on feedback from VR/AR enterprises indicating that a larger event with more diversified content will better serve the market in Asia. If you previously submitted a proposal, you do not need to resubmit, but feel free to send an updated version to [email protected].

VRDC Asia 2018 will focus on driving growth and innovation in Asia's rapidly growing VR/AR market:

  • High-Quality Content: VR/AR industry leaders from VRDC Fall 2017 and [email protected] 2018 will be invited to VRDC Asia 2018 to present the most highly rated sessions
  • Large Scale: VRDC Asia will expand from 800 to 1500 attendees, bringing together more VR/AR developers to learn and share the best practices
  • Business Opportunities: With 2 million highly qualified business contacts available to UBM Asia, VRDC Asia will invite VIP buyers from games, education, training and tourism to create business opportunities, supported by the high-quality conference program and one-to-one business meetings for sponsors.


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